Cole Road tower fund campaign update

As the 2018 construction season closes, we are happy to report that the replacement tower base is installed at the Cole road site. It is set 42 inches below grade with six yards of concrete. When the dry conditions return to the site, the tower erection project will continue. Completing the entire project this year was not possible because of the time necessary to put all of the details together and fund the many aspects of it. We thank BARRA member Bob Schober, K2CRR. Without his donation of a used 90-foot Rohn SSV tower, we would not have been able to continue to make progress with the project.

As plans continue for springtime, the tower completion will require an on-site crane to lift the new tower sections in place as well as removing the old tower. The crane rental costs can be as much as $1500.00. In addition, we may be spending $250.00 per hour for a tower climbing service to assist in the tower work. There will also be the need for additional hardware and RF cables and connectors.

As of today, the balance in our tower fund is $1,900.00. This is not enough money to fully fund the balance of the job. We ask that members that have not yet donated to consider doing so now. Thank you to everyone who has helped financially to get us this far. To all members, please consider making an additional donation. Even the smallest of donations will help BARRA to return the Cole Road site to fully operational again.

This is a major club project that will help enhance the performance of our repeater stations and maintain the value of BARRA’s primary asset in Colden. Everyone’s help is needed for this to become a success.

Donations can be mailed to BARRA at PO Box 507, North Tonawanda, NY 14120-0507. Donations can also be sent directly through PayPal at

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